Bedazzlemintt Blush


No makeup look is finished without a little bit of blush! Blush adds not only an added depth to your makeup, but it also adds color, life and JOY! Our Bedazzlemintt Blush has 4 pigmented and lively shades that blend effortlessly into your complexion! You’re ready to turn a look for any occasion! Enthrallmintt is a beautifully fresh yet subtle dusty rose shade that adds the perfect warmth and life to the face! Embarrassmintt is a stunning and vibrant hot pink that is sure to add a fantastic rosy hue to any look you’re creating! If Enthrallmintt is a “subtle dusty rose” this is her older sister who plays in a rock band! Statemintt is a fabulously rich plum blush, that is sure to add the perfect smoldering to your makeup. If the shade “Enthrallmintt” were a smile and Embarrassmintt were a kiss, Statemintt would be a subtle wink and grin Enjoymintt is a lively yet deep jam shade that truly works as the perfect blush to transition your contour while also reminding people that blush can be bright, but it can also be dark! It is definitely the Virgo older sibling to the other shades that makes sure that everything is running smoothly.


Product does not contain mint or menthol.

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